Community Manager


The AWJP is an initiative dedicated to empowering women journalists by providing them with the skills and resources they need to create content that raises awareness of under-reported issues affecting women and makes a business case for sustained gender reporting. The initiative is supported by the International Centre for Journalists (ICFJ).  

We are looking for a community manager to lead engagement, moderate discussions, and curate content for our vibrant online community of women journalists. Responsibilities include recognizing achievements, managing events, and ensuring adherence to community guidelines. With a focus on inclusivity, you’ll seek feedback, coordinate with industry partners, and contribute to strategic growth. We are looking for a dynamic individual with excellent communication skills, a passion for empowering women in journalism, and the ability to foster professional development and networking.

This position is fully remote. 

Community Manager’s main responsibilities include:

  • Create and execute a strategic plan for community growth and engagement aligned with the goals of the community and its members.
  • Actively moderate and facilitate discussions, encouraging members to share insights, ask questions, and participate in relevant conversations.
  • Acknowledge and celebrate the achievements, milestones, and contributions of community members.
  • Curate and share relevant content, including industry news, resources, and opportunities for professional development.
  • Develop and share original content to stimulate discussions and showcase the expertise of community members.
  • Provide regular updates, announcements, and newsletters to keep members informed about community activities and opportunities.
  • Establish effective channels for feedback and actively seek input from community members to improve the community experience.
  • Plan and execute virtual events, webinars, and meet-ups to foster networking, skill development, and knowledge sharing.
  • Initiate and coordinate campaigns or initiatives that align with the interests and needs of the community.
  • Develop and enforce community guidelines to maintain a positive and respectful environment.
  • Address conflicts or issues within the community promptly and diplomatically.
  • Collaborate with media organisations, industry experts, and relevant stakeholders to bring valuable resources and opportunities to the community.
  • Facilitate connections and networking opportunities among community members.
  • Use analytics tools to track community engagement, measure the success of community initiatives, and identify areas for improvement.
  • Provide regular reports on community growth, engagement, and impact.
  • Identify and share opportunities for skill development, mentorship, and professional growth within the journalism field.
  • With the support of the AWJP team, coordinate or recommend training programs that benefit community members.
  • Together with the Communications team, manage the online platform or social media channels used for community interactions, ensuring a positive and user-friendly experience.
  • Staying updated on digital technology trends.

Qualifications for Community Manager:

  • Knowledge of journalism principles, practices, and industry trends to effectively engage with and support women journalists.
  • Empathetic understanding of the challenges faced by women journalists and the ability to create a supportive community environment.
  • Ability to build and nurture relationships, both within the community and with external stakeholders.
  • Proficiency in event management.
  • Social media management expertise.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.
  • Outstanding organisational and multitasking capabilities.
  • Proven work experience in community management.
  • Experience in planning and leading community initiatives.
  • Ability to identify and track relevant community KPIs.
  • Strategic mindset to contribute to the long-term growth and success of the online community.
  • Hands-on experience with social media management.
  • Data-driven decision-making skills, with the ability to analyse community metrics and adjust strategies accordingly.
  • Familiarity with the latest digital tools, platforms, and technologies used for online community management.
  • Attention to detail and strong problem-solving skills to address issues and challenges within the community.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, communication, journalism or a related field.
  • Experience:
  • Relevant professional experience, preferably in community management, journalism, marketing, or a related field.

How to Apply

Use this form to apply on or before the 30th of December 2023