Meet Naka

The Gendered Disinformation fact-checking bot.

Developed by AWJP in partnership with TogoCheck for the Togolese elections, and supported by Meedan, Naka aims to identify and debunk gendered disinformation.

The Togo Gender Disinfo Project

This initiative, part of the Trends in Gendered Disinformation in Elections project, addresses obstacles to women’s engagement in electoral processes and combats gendered disinformation online and offline.

Addressing gendered disinformation, especially targeting women in politics and leadership, is crucial for societal progress. This harmful practice undermines and discourages women from engaging in politics, hindering both economic and political development.

Gendered Disinformation

False or misleading information  is deliberately spread to harm individuals based on their gender identity


Our focus is on disinformation targeting women that reinforces  stereotypes, spreads false narratives about women’s appearance, character, or qualifications with the intention to harm them or discourage them from participating in elections.

Characteristics of
Gendered Disinformation

Meet Naka, your fact-checking assistant!

Naka along with a team of journalists and fact checkers, helps verify whether information is gendered misinformation. You can submit claims to FacebookMessenger in text, audio or video format any time of the day.

The bot receives, analyses and classifies the information collected to give activists, political and community leaders more tools to understand and reduce instances of these harmful messages in our communities.

Let’s combat gendered disinformation together!