The Africa Women Journalism Project (AWJP) was set up with the support of the International Center For Journalists (ICFJ) by ICFJ Knight Fellow Catherine Gicheru in July 2020 at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. ​

About AWJP

Promoting the role of African women journalists in reporting on underreported and underrepresented communities.​

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Our Fellowships

Our fellowships are structured to improve and produce more nuanced evidence-based journalism in underreported issues while highlighting the voices and views of marginalised groups.

Our Stories

Stories produced by our fellows are published by newsrooms across Africa

Living On The Margins

Despite ongoing initiatives to advance the implementation of the national disability law since its enactment in Nigeria, there remains a low level of adherence and execution across all sectors. Consequently, people with disabilities are excluded

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Dar es Salaam Waste Warriors: Turning Waste into Opportunity

Even before the Waste to Zero initiative was launched at the COP28 Climate Change conference in December 2023, an inspiring group of women in Dar es Salaam have been spearheading an approach that is tackling

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Yam farmers battle challenges of climate change, insecurity

Increasing the yield of important crops such as yam is crucial to ensure food security and livelihood. However, unpredictable rainfall and higher temperatures have contributed to reduced yam harvests. In this report, JUSTINA ASISHANA highlights the multi-faceted

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Unravelling Kenya’s Food Crisis

With 8.9 million Kenyans (17 per cent of the population) living in extreme poverty – below 1.9 USD (Ksh 250) a day –and a hunger level score of 23.5 which is way above the recommended

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Are We Doing Enough?

Comprehensive Sexual education in Kenya has been a topic of concern in recent years. The question of whether youth in Kenya are equipped with comprehensive sexual education has been raised by many stakeholders in the

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