Africa Women Journalism Project is dedicated to strengthening the voices of women journalists and driving coverage of under-reported gender, health and development issues that affect marginalised groups. AWJP provides women in African media with the knowledge, skills and support network they require to drive journalism that sheds light on gender, health and development issues impacting women and other marginalised groups.





The COVID-19 Pandemic in Africa

Stories by African Women Journalists

The COVID-19 pandemic disproportionately impacts vulnerable communities, including women and girls, who already face social and economic disparities that are likely to amplify the effects of the crisis on their wellbeing. African women journalists covering the pandemic are crucial in ensuring that news coverage on the outbreak is inclusive of women’s voices while shedding light on under-reported issues that are often at the bottom of the news agenda.

With the support of the Africa Women Journalism Project (AWJP), The Pandemic Reporting Project brings together 18 women journalists from Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda in producing multiple stories that explore the impact of COVID-19 on the health, physical safety, economic, sanitary, and cultural wellbeing of vulnerable communities.

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