The AWJP Fellowships

Senegal Reporting Fellowship

Bridging the Skills Gap for Women Journalists in Francophone Africa

The Senegal Reporting Fellowship, part of the Reporting Fellowship for Women Journalists in Francophone Africa Project, builds on the valuable lessons learned from the WA GBV Reporting Fellowship. This initiative highlighted the skills and opportunities gap between journalists from Anglophone and Francophone West Africa and aims to address these disparities by empowering Senegalese women journalists.

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Reporting on the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had varying impacts on vulnerable communities, including women and girls, who already face social and economic disparities that are likely to amplify the effects of the crisis on their wellbeing. African women journalists covering the pandemic are crucial in ensuring that news coverage on the outbreak is inclusive of women’s voices and knowledge while shedding light on under-reported issues that are often at the bottom of the news agenda.

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The Aftershocks Data Fellowship

Nearly a year and a half into the Covid-19 pandemic, the aftershocks of the pandemic are particularly profound and likely to be ongoing as the content struggles with getting infections under control.

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Article-19 Health Misinformation Fellowship

Africa has seen a significant amount of false information around the Covid-19 pandemic and this is leading to a loss of trust in the institutions and authorities tasked with responding to the pandemic.

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WA GBV Reporting Fellowship Pitches

The Africa Women Journalism Project, an initiative supported by the International Centre for Journalists in partnership with the Ford Foundation West Africa, invites applications from women journalists from Nigeria, Ghana and Senegal. The initiative aims to increase the capacity of women journalists in comprehending the complexities of gender-based violence and exploitation and empowering them to cover gender-related issues. The AWJP seeks 60 women journalists interested in investigating and exposing the extent of gender-based violence in the target countries with a focus on under-reported issues.

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West African GBV Reporting

West Africa has a long history of gender-based violence which has been exacerbated by a culture of impunity and lack of women in positions of influence and authority. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has aggravated the problem, leading to an increase in occurrences of domestic and sexual violence.Women in the region are currently dealing with "two pandemics" while simultaneously caring for their families.

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Aftershocks Data Fellowship 22-23

Africa, and African women in particular, are on the front lines of several compounding crises. The COVID-19 pandemic’s aftershocks disproportionately affect women and girls, exacerbating barriers to participating in the economy and public life. Meanwhile, the world faces a climate crisis and related food insecurity and violence surges.

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