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Month: January 2024

Yam farmers battle challenges of climate change, insecurity

Increasing the yield of important crops such as yam is crucial to ensure food security and livelihood. However, unpredictable rainfall and higher temperatures have contributed to reduced yam harvests. In this report, JUSTINA ASISHANA highlights the multi-faceted

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Unravelling Kenya’s Food Crisis

With 8.9 million Kenyans (17 per cent of the population) living in extreme poverty – below 1.9 USD (Ksh 250) a day –and a hunger level score of 23.5 which is way above the recommended

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Are We Doing Enough?

Comprehensive Sexual education in Kenya has been a topic of concern in recent years. The question of whether youth in Kenya are equipped with comprehensive sexual education has been raised by many stakeholders in the

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New hope for women rejected for childlessness

Accra, Aug. 5, GNA – In many parts of Ghana where having children is prized as the main reason for a woman’s existence, women are blamed for a couple’s childlessness and thrown out of their

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Women’s struggle to own land

In 2022, the World Bank’s gender data highlighted a crucial fact: Nigerian sons and daughters have equal rights to inherit assets from their parents. Moreover, the Nigerian Constitution safeguards citizens’ equal rights under the law,

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Empowering women by challenging inheritance traditions

The Nigerian Constitution protects the equal rights of all citizens including the right not to be discriminated against either expressly or through the practical application of any law. Customary law is also recognised and protected

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Importance of Psychological Counseling to GBV Survivors

Survivors of GBV experience a range of health, psychological and social challenges. They need care and support to deal with the shame, guilt, fear, depression and other responses to the trauma they have experienced. Stakeholders

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The coconut trade: A path to women’s empowerment 

Accra, Aug. 13, GNA – In the bustling Agartha Market in Koforidua, a remarkable transformation is observed as women break barriers and reclaim their economic independence through coconut trade.  

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Unmasking the Silent Saboteur: How Misinformation Affected Kenya’s HPV Vaccine Uptake

The human papillomavirus (HPV) accounts for 99.7% of all cervical cancer cases, and two strains of the virus – HPV 16 and 18 – are among the vaccine-preventable subtypes contributing to over 70% of all

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Breaking the chains of the cut: Why Nigeria’s medicalised FGM rates are still high

Nigeria has made strides in the reduction of FGM, but it remains widespread, with a significant percentage performed by healthcare professionals, despite overwhelming medical evidence and legal measures against it. In this report, Emiene Erameh

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