GBV: Seeking Justice for Disinherited Widows


In this report, Funmi Ogundare who highlights the plights of widows, writes that there is a need for more sensitisation that will ensure that those who have been disinherited and face one form of discrimination or another, will have access to the right information that will enable them get justice

Mrs. Paulina Kayode, 47, had lost her husband 17 years ago. Before he died , she and her husband had worked as a caterer and auto mechanical engineer to cater for their family of seven and ensured that they lived a comfortable life.

Things seemed to be going on fine in their home, until he fell sick when he traveled to his hometown in Ondo State in 2004. He had a stroke. He was brought back to Lagos and taken from one hospital to another to seek good healthcare, but his situation never improved. Unfortunately, he died.