Nelly Madegwa


She is an award-winning journalist,passionate and dedicated with a strong focus on story- driven, human interest, and data journalism. Her expertise lies in developing articles and investigative reports with unwavering dedication and a commitment to accuracy. She specialises in fact-checking misinformation and disinformation, particularly in the areas of health and social issues, across various forms of media. By utilising explanatory journalism techniques, she strives to inform and engage audiences on complex emerging issues.

Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a keen interest in addressing gender perspectives and shedding light on crucial topics such as cancer, sexual violence, genetic diseases, and the effects of COVID-19 on African countries.

She continues to be committed to delivering impactful journalism that uncovers truths, inspires change, and empowers communities. Through her work, she strives to bridge the gap between complex issues and the public, fostering a more informed and engaged society.