Empowering Voices and Stories: My AWJP Fellowship Journey


Gillian Natume

Data speaks louder than words,” they say, and I couldn’t agree more
When I received the AWJP Fellowship, I was absolutely thrilled. It marked my first foray into the world of fellowships, and I had set my expectations high.

This journey has been a delightful mix of learning and enjoyment. Knowing that my work was being reviewed and refined by my mentor, as well as by the AWJP team was truly rewarding. Sure, I have an editor who polishes my work as part of their job, but there’s something reassuring about having your story scrutinised by more than three sets of discerning eyes.

One particular session that stood out for me was the one on writing Solutions-based stories. As journalists, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the cycle of pointing out flaws without offering solutions or highlighting the dedicated individuals working to solve our country’s problems. The training was eye-opening, and I found it immensely valuable.

Through this Fellowship, I’ve come to understand the power of data over mere words. I now make a conscious effort to seek out data that can not only support but also elevate any story I’m working on. Moreover, I’ve learned about the incredible advantages of collaborating with a group of outstanding female journalists who share a common goal of making a positive impact. It’s like having sisters in countries I’ve never even visited, and I’ve come to deeply appreciate the unique skills and perspectives each of us brings to the table.

In a world where data often goes unnoticed amidst the noise of words, this fellowship has empowered me to let the numbers speak and amplify our stories for the greater good.