Curriculum Developer


Curriculum Developer and Trainer – Online E-learning Journalism Course

About the Project:
The Reporting Fellowship for Women Journalists in Francophone Africa aims to address skills gaps by providing training, mentorship, and story grants. Short-term goals include upskilling Francophone women journalists, increasing reporting on gender issues, and exploring underrepresented topics. Long-term objectives involve changing norms and biases in Francophone newsrooms regarding gender reporting and supporting sustainable models for ongoing coverage. The fellowship will also establish a community network for knowledge sharing and networking between Anglophone and Francophone women journalists.


The selected curriculum developer will be responsible for:

  1. Design a comprehensive online e-learning curriculum for a journalism course focused on empowering women journalists in Africa.
  2. Designing an engaging and interactive curriculum that includes modules on the following topics
    1. Introduction to Data Journalism
    2. Gender Sensitive Reporting
    3. Fact-Checking and Verification
    4. Media Information Literacy
  3. Develop engaging and interactive learning materials, including multimedia elements and assessments.
  4. Conduct training sessions for participants, guiding them through the online course content and providing mentorship as needed.
  5. Tailor the curriculum to address the specific challenges and opportunities faced by women journalists in diverse francophone African contexts.
  6. Collaborate with internal stakeholders, subject matter experts, and project organisers to ensure alignment with project goals and timelines.
  7. Stay abreast of industry trends, best practices in e-learning, and innovations in journalism to enhance the course’s relevance.


  1. Proven experience in curriculum development, particularly for online e-learning courses.
  2. Expertise in journalism, media studies, or a related field, with a focus on gender-sensitive reporting.
  3. Previous experience in training or mentoring individuals, preferably in an online learning environment.
  4. Familiarity with adult learning principles and the ability to design courses that cater to diverse learning styles.
  5. Strong communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively with a diverse group of participants.
  6. Knowledge of the African media landscape particularly in francophone Africa and an understanding of the challenges and opportunities for women journalists.
  7. Commitment to promoting gender equality and inclusivity in the field of journalism.

Interested candidates should submit their applications through this form on or before  March 8, 2024.

We encourage qualified and passionate individuals committed to empowering women journalists in Africa through education and mentorship to apply.

AWJP is an Equal Opportunity Employer and we encourage candidates of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, religions, disability statuses, genders, sexual orientations and gender identities to apply.