Ghana’s depleted blood banks: A critical impact of Covid-19 restrictions

“I went to the hospital with my wife and during the doctor’s interview, he asked whether I have donated blood on her behalf for her delivery. When l said l had not, l was directed to the National Blood Service to donate. If it was not for…

Covid-19’s impact on private school owners, teachers

As the year 2020 came to a close, thousands of students and parents were reflecting back on the months-long forced school closures which resulted in thousands of children missing out on their education.“I’m at home because of Covid-19. I…

The effects of COVID-19 on NCDs in Ghana

Governments around the world continue to focus their attention on the COVID-19, communicable disease while ignoring the dangers that non-communicable diseases such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, heart, and respiratory ailments pose…

Ghana gears up for December 7 elections amid rising cases of coronavirus

Ghanaians are set to go to the polls on December 7 to elect a new president and representatives to the House of Parliament. As expected, the streets are already awash with posters, loud campaign music and large crowds at campaign rallies hosted…

Policing in the face of COVID-19

Lance Corporal Daniel Kwofie is a policeman who survived COVID-19. He is now an avid ambassador educating people and speaking out against the stigmatisation of persons who have the virus or have recovered from it.

The forgotten women: Impact of Covid-19 on obstetric fistula patients

“I don’t know what Covid-19 is. All I can say is that it has come to disrupt our lives. I would have had my surgery by now if it were not for Covid-19. I don’t even know when the surgery would be possible. I am old, weak and my time is…

Domestic workers in Ghana and COVID-19

Many organizations have laid-off workers with others slashing salaries of their workers due to the adverse effect COVID 19 has had on businesses. Most of these persons we have heard of or know are captured and fall within the formal sector.…

Back to school in midst of COVID-19 outbreak

It is 7 a.m. on a Monday morning, Miss Rebecca Dede Amankwa, a final year Senior High student is on her way to the exams center but the usual gait of the bubbly young girl writing her exit examination is gone.

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