Article 19 Health Misinfo fellowship

About the fellowship

Article-19 + Meedan Health Misinfo Fellowship


Africa has seen a significant amount of false information around the Covid-19 pandemic and this is leading to a loss of trust in the institutions and authorities tasked with responding to the pandemic.


The Health Misinfo fellowship is part of the “Together for Reliable Information”project funded by the European Union and supported by Article-19. It features training sessions from Meedan to ensure that the fellows understand and can identify health misinfo and learn the skills to enhance fact checking skills in their newsrooms.


There are five fellows from Kenya Uganda and Tanzania who, using the skills learnt during the training sessions, will share information to help people have the facts to identify misinformation as well as help debunk health misinformation that targets women and girls in addition to Covid-19 misinformation.


The AWJP team will also be working to produce localised video explainers that are shareable, to help give information to East Africans that will help them identify and call out health misinformation. We will also be sharing a bi-weekly newsletter that will share fact-checks with our audiences. 



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