Senegal Reporting Fellowship

Bridging the Skills Gap for Women Journalists in Francophone Africa

The Senegal Reporting Fellowship, part of the Reporting Fellowship for Women Journalists in Francophone Africa Project, builds on the valuable lessons learned from the WA GBV Reporting Fellowship. This initiative highlighted the skills and opportunities gap between journalists from Anglophone and Francophone West Africa and aims to address these disparities by empowering Senegalese women journalists.

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  • About the fellowship

    Tailored Skills Training:

    Six selected women journalists will undergo comprehensive, in-depth training designed to enhance the quality of their reporting during and beyond the fellowship. The training will focus on equipping fellows with advanced journalism skills tailored to their specific needs.

    Robust Mentorship Program:

    Led by Raby Seydou Tall, the in-country mentor, the mentorship program will support fellows in setting and achieving personal and professional growth goals. This one-on-one guidance is crucial for fostering development and ensuring sustained progress.

    Editorial and Technical Support:

    Fellows will receive extensive editorial and technical support, including:

    • Story Ideation and Brainstorming: Helping fellows develop compelling story ideas.
    • Data Research and Analysis: Assisting with gathering and interpreting data.
    • Data Visualization Support: Providing tools and expertise to create impactful visual stories.

    Fellowship Goals

    Capacity Building: Enhance the ability of women journalists to produce evidence-based reports on critical health, gender, and development issues, particularly those affecting women and marginalized groups in their communities.

    Changing the Narrative: Shift existing conventions and biases in gender reporting. Deliver actionable, independent information on health and development to help citizens improve their lives and hold leaders accountable.

    Career Advancement: Equip participants with the skills and knowledge to advance their careers. Empower them to aspire to and attain senior positions within their newsrooms.

    Focus Areas

    During the fellowship, participants will produce a variety of stories aligned with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 1-6, addressing topics such as:

    • Poverty eradication
    • Quality education
    • Gender equality
    • Clean water and sanitation
    • Affordable and clean energy
    • Decent work and economic growth

    To learn more about our fellows, their backgrounds, and their inspiring journeys, explore their bios and stories here. Get to know the voices behind the headlines, and witness firsthand the power of journalism to shape our world for the better.