Gillian Nantume

When I received the AWJP Fellowship, I was overjoyed. It was my first time attending any fellowship, and naturally, I had high expectations.


I must say it has been both a learning and enjoyable experience. First, it was a rewarding experience to know that my work was being checked and edited by my mentor and then, by Catherine and Naima.


Of course, in the course of my duty, my editor edits my work, but it feels good to know that more than three pairs of eyes have combed through and tightened your story.


Also, I enjoyed the session on writing Solutions-based stories. Many times, as journalists, we are lured and caught in the trap of pointing out wrong in our stories but never offering solutions or even highlighting the people who are working on solutions for particular challenges the country is facing. I found the training valuable.


The benefit from the Fellowship has been that I have learnt that data speaks more than words. So, now I make an effort to search for data that will speak to and enhance any story I am working on. I have also learnt the benefits that come from working with a bunch of awesome women journalists who are interested in making a difference. I have sisters in countries l have never visited and have learnt to appreciate the different skills that each of us can share.

Posted by: Dennis